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Canelobre Caves - Busot

Take a journey into the Canelobre Caves at Busot and you will be transported to another time and place. These breathtaking caves are located 24 kilometres from Alicante and 20 kilometres toward Benidorm, in the northern slope of the 700 metres high Cabecó mountain.


The underground cavern rises like a vaulted cathedral and is one of the highest caves in Spain. The acoustics are excellent and ideal for the concerts which are regularly held here. Canelobre means candelabra, which is a good name to describe these miracles of nature, which are created by dripping water over extremely long periods of time.



Although damp, the caves are kept at a pleasantly moderate temperature all year round.

This is mainly for the benefit of the 65,000 people who visit the caves annually since they were opened to the public in 1963. Guided tours are available, each taking approximately 30 minutes, and are recommended as the guides have a wealth of fascinating information to impart.


Whilst in the area, a look at Busot itself is highly recommended, as the old part of town remains so unchanged it is as if time has stood still.



Busot can be reached by taking Exit 7 of the motorway or from the N332, departing at El Campello.
The Cuevas del Canelobre are about five kilometres away and are well signposted.





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