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An amazing experience for the whole family...

...with four themed areas and a water park


Terra Natura takes its visitors on an unbelievable journey to distant and exotic lands over four continents: Pangaea, Europe, Asia and America. Not only flora and fauna, but arts and crafts, culture and folklore and performances traditional to each continent can be explored and enjoyed, all without leaving Benidorm.


One of the main attractions of this 32 hectare theme park is the wildlife; over 1,500 animals live here, comprising 200 different species, 50 of which are sadly on the verge of extinction.


The Pangaea continent has a 25 metre high active volcano at its centre, and is home to a variety of very large insects. You can rent safety deposit boxes, and hire vehicles for either children or adults in this region of the park.


Should you choose to roam across the continent of America, you will encounter the splendour of its past eras, and learn something about the traditions of the Mayans, who remain a source of fascination today. Exotic birds and animals such as the jaguar, capucin monkey and the ant-eating bear can be found here.



The continent of Asia is home to animals such as the rhinoceros, buffalo, crocodile, Sumatra tiger, porcupine, and wild cat. You will encounter fakirs, exotic dancers and loquacious carpet salesmen throughout your journey, and there are magnificent lookout points where you can watch the elephants proceeding majestically through the Itanagar Forest. A childrens' playground is also situated in this continent.


In the continent of Europe, you will see fallow and roe deer, goat antelopes and many other examples of European wildlife. In addition, sharks, flatfish, starfish and numerous marine life species can be found in this part of the Terra Natura Park.


Further information under: www.terranatura.com


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